March 24 2016 became the date when wartime Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic got his ICTY verdict.

The verdict


Wall painting of Dr.Dabic, Karadzic’s nom de plume while hiding from ICTY

He was acquitted (meaning not guilty) of the charge of genocide in seven municipalities in 1992 and found guilty for the same charges in Srebrenica 1995. Further he was found guilty of the kidnapping of UN officials and of the sniping and shelling of Sarajevo 92-95. Even though he was not himself involved, he was at the top of the chain of command, both politically and as supreme commander of the Bosnian Serb Army (VRS). The tribunal also used the highly controversial term Joint Criminal Enterprise (JCE, which basically means conspiracy theory) to connect him to the war crimes that was committed on the ground. The final verdict was 40 years in prison, of which he already served 8 years during the trial. Being 70 years now it means he will be released when he is 102 years old, if he lives that long.

In my opinion the verdict did not seem totally unfair, war crimes were certainly committed. There are some details that can be discussed but I am not going to do that here. Instead I want to look at the larger picture.

The Date

First, the date. March 24 is the same date as the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia began back in 1999. Combine that with the fact that ICTY is not a UN tribunal. Although it is placed in the same city as the ICJ (International Court of Justice) – which is an international court under UN – and ICTY having a similar abbreviation as ICJ, which in practice makes people that are not experts on the subject mix them both up, the ICTY is not a UN tribunal. ICTY was set up by NATO, it was paid by NATO and the verdicts are political and certainly seems to be dictated by NATO. To set the date for the NATO verdict of the leader of the Serbs in Bosnia to the same date as NATO attacked the Serbs in what was left of Yugoslavia 1999 can not be described as anything else than a highly political act.

Carte Blanche

Serbs have all been found guilty of serious charges and ICTY have given them long sentences. But war crimes were not only committed by Serbs. Sarajevo for instance had 154,000 Serbs before the war. After the war there were only 5000 Serbs left. That can not be described as anything else than a serious war crime; ethnic cleansing. But nobody have been found guilty of ethnic cleansing (or genocide) for the cleansing of the Serbs from Sarajevo. In fact very few people that have other nationalities than Serb have even been charged by the ICTY. And non-Serbs that have been charged have either gotten short sentences or been completely set free. All in all it seems wile in the ICTY, the sentence is more dependent on the race of the charged than by what crimes he has committed. Serbs have called this nothing short of racism. People that are not Serbs have had a free card to do anything and still walk away without punishment.

White Wash

It is not hard to see a pattern on how ethnicity have affected the ICTY verdicts. Croats have gotten easy to neutral verdicts. Serbs have got exaggerated verdicts while Bosniaks and Albanians have been set totally free. Does anyone remember on which sides NATO intervened in Yugoslavia? That is right. First on the Bosniak side (and covertly on the Croatian side) and then on the Albanian side 1999. You have to close at least one eye very hard not to see that ICTY was set up by NATO to white wash the NATO interventions in the Balkans†. The winner revises the history. Or in other words; Historical Revisionism.

No one is above the law? Well here it seems everybody is above the law, except the Serbs††.

† Some Serbs have even compared it to the Spanish Inquisition.
†† Not to mention Clinton, Albright, Bush and Blair.

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2 kommentarer till Verdict

  1. L. Johansson skriver:

    Presumed innocent until proven Serb..

  2. albertveli skriver:

    This is a very short blog post about a huge subject. You could write a book about all this. I’m pretty sure there already are books written about it (for instance ”Uppdrag Fred” by Carl Bildt and ”Fools Crusade” by Diana Johnstone).


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