The last days many stupid conspiracy theories about the tragic crash of MH17 has been circulating on the Internet. Long before these conspiracy theories surfaced two anomalies were noted, facts that can not be dismissed as conspiracy theories.

1. The time stamp

Only minutes after the plane had crashed a youtube account claiming to belong to Ukraine special forces posted a youtube video blaming Russia for the crash. The video has since been removed, but before it was removed many people noted and documented the time stamp of the video. It was created before the plane crash happened. That means Ukraine special forces somehow knew MH17 was about to be shot down. This doesn’t prove anything about who shot the plane down. But it does prove it was no accident and that someone claiming to belong to Ukraine special forces somehow had gotten hold of the information. The video blaming Russia was posted so fast that it was obvious it had been prepared beforehand. And the time stamp of the video creation date also supports this.

2. Re-routing

MH17 flew over a war zone. Civilian planes never flies over war zones and this plane was no different. It was not supposed to fly over a war zone, but re-routed there by traffic control. The official explanation is that it was re-routed because of bad weather. But other planes flying the same route were not re-routed over the war zone.

Combined with the time stamp anomaly the re-routing becomes suspicious. So there are some really big questions that needs to be answered about this crash. If these questions are ever going to be answered a truly independent international investigation is needed. The crash must not be investigated by anybody that can be suspected of being involved in the downing of MH17.

After the crash became known some politicians immediately blamed Russia and as I write this they are discussing increased sanctions against Russia. Some was so eager to blame Russia they didn’t even think of sending condolences to the families of the victims. And of course they didn’t bother to wait for an investigation to produce actual facts. To use this unfathomable tragedy for political purposes is beyond rotten.


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